Take to the skies: Rent a private jet in 2021

At Shortstop Jet Charter, we’ve helped our clients organise half-hour domestic flights, up to one month luxury holidays. We know that all types of people utilise private flights, but that some may think it’s too expensive to rent a private jet.


While owning a private jet may be financially improbable, there are other ways to take advantage of chartered flights. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the air this year, whether it’s for business or leisure, it might be worth steering away from commercial airlines and looking into the private sector.


The most common method is to rent a private jet on a need-only basis. Clients will organise a one-off flight where they pay for the aircraft, cabin crew and pilots for the travel and dates required. Many businesses choose this option due to the level of convenience and efficiency awarded to their team. Forget the hassle of check-in lines, departure awaits and baggage backups when you rent a private jet you’re saving up to 3-4 hours of wasted airport time.


Many clients make flying privately their preferred method of travel. To avoid bills stacking up in the accounting department, most charter companies allow you to buy blocks of hours. If you plan to fly multiple times this year, you can purchase 50 or 100 hours of travel time at discounted rates. This often becomes comparable to business class tickets, depending on the size of the travel party and distance required.


The last stage is one few people reach: Ownership. However, if you do find yourself in a situation where you own a private jet, Shortstop Jet Charter can help offset that cost by managing your aircraft for you, leasing it out for private flights.


Whether you want to rent a private jet, buy blocks of airtime or believe it’s time you own your own aircraft, our team can provide practical solutions to seamlessly plan your next flight.