Booking a private jet: It’s simpler than you think

According to the National Business Aviation Association in America, only 3 per cent of private jet rentals are undertaken by Fortune 500 companies. The other 97 per cent is taken up by small to large businesses, government groups, NGOs and universities. This is because booking a private jet has never been easier.


So how do you arrange your next corporate flight? Speak to Shortstop Jet Charter’s Flight Consultant, who’s on-hand to answer any queries. Our team of experts may, in some instances, suggest a more efficient route or a better option to help make booking a private jet more cost-effective, time-efficient or safer where possible.


Whichever company you choose, it’s recommended that you always ask to see the aircraft prior to departure. If you’re happy to proceed, then our Flight Consultant will organise any catering or specific requests you may have. This includes help with accommodation, travel arrangements or international insurance or visas if your trip involves going overseas.


Our quotes are inclusive of all prices. Simply pay a 10% deposit to secure the aircraft and the remaining cost can be paid 48 hours prior to your flight. That way, on the day of your flight, you can arrive at our Private Lounge​ at Essendon Airport just before your departure. You have the option to be driven onto the tarmac and step straight onboard your aircraft, or have a quick bite to eat in the departure lounge first. When you’re ready, we’re ready. Time and flexibility are leading factors in booking a private jet.


Let Shortstop Jet Charter take care of your travel arrangements. Our team will help you organise everything from your itinerary details, number of passengers and your desired aircraft so you can take off stress-free. Booking a private jet is that simple.