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      Aviation Consultancy/Management

      Our involvement in business aviation has allowed us to develop a wealth of knowledge and experience with regards to aviation transactions and management.

      This includes buying and selling aircraft; consulting with individuals, corporations and governments on their particular aviation requirements. Throughout the past 30 years we have become acutely aware what is important to owners, which is why we offer flexible and personalised solutions to address your requirements and lifestyle.

      With this experience, we endeavor to make all your aviation transactions sensible, cost-effective, correct and worry free.

      Our strong relationships with contacts and colleagues within the industry allow us to find the right people for your finance, regulation, buying and selling, maintenance and operational requirements.

      As aircraft owners ourselves, we understand what you want and most importantly, what you need.

      Charter revenue

      We offer reasonable charter revenue income to assist in the offset of fixed costs associated with operating aircraft.


      Our crews are highly competent, well motivated, service orientated pilots who treat your aircraft like it’s theirs.

      We hold the very highest level of Civil Aviation Safety Authority approvals for charter operation of class ‘A’ (Transport category, or airliner type aircraft) aircraft, and are required to operate to public transport standards.

      This involves checking of all pilots to these high standards, at regular intervals.

      Even if you fly yourself, the added safety and comfort of being part of such a supervised operation will add considerably to the quality of your aviation experience.

      Maintenance Management

      Our aircraft require fastidious, high standard maintenance procedures, management and control. Our skilled personnel provide supervision and regulatory compliance on all maintenance carried out on aircraft under our maintenance control.

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