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      Shortstop Jet Charter is pleased to announce Melbourne’s newest Fixed Based Operation (FBO) located at Essendon Airport. Our VIP Passenger and Crew facilities will ensure every requirement is catered for with the highest quality of service and privacy.

      Your passengers will enjoy our fully serviced VIP lounge, including complimentary refreshments and snacks, all with an exceptional customer service experience. We provide a full range of business necessities including a conference room equipped with television, guest WI-FI, Bluetooth and HDMI capabilities, making presentations a breeze and allowing for business continuity. Furthermore, enabling you to stay in touch with family or friends whilst away from home.

      With over 30 years of experience as an aircraft charter operator, we know what is important for crews at out-ports. Our comprehensive service of ground handling will ensure your aircraft is ready for any domestic or international operation.

      Crews will have access to full flight planning, weather software and a comfortable rest area. Our enthusiastic and committed personnel will ensure your aircraft movements are seamless and professionally managed.

      Shortstop Jet Charter FBO Services

      • Baggage Handling
      • Ground Handling Services
      • Refuelling
      • Catering Requirements
      • Crew Services
      • Passenger/Crew Transfers (including to Tullamarine)
      • Onsite Customs/Immigration and Quarantine Clearance Services
      • Ramp Parking
      • Airside Vehicle Access
      • Corporate Hotel Arrangements with Shortstop Jet Charter
      • Obtaining Slot Allocation (All Airports, especially Essendon)
      • Security Requirements
      • Conference and Meeting Room Facilities
      • Lavatory Services
      • GPU
      • Access to Trip Planning and Scheduling to any Port within the Asia Pacific Region
      • Dry Cleaning Services
      • Flight Planning/Preparation Room (Aviation Weather Available)
      • Crew Rest Room
      • Kitchen, Showers and Bathroom Facilities
      • Wi-Fi, printing
      • Daily Newspapers, magazines and television available
      • Garbage/Waste Removal
      • Shortstop Jet Charter Company Frequency: 135.95 MHz
      • Aircraft Interior Cabin Detailing (3 hours prior notice)
      • Helicopter Handling Services

      We are very much looking forward to being of service to your passengers and crew. For any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our operations team directly at [email protected].

      For all urgent enquiries call +61 (0)419 347 727 or +61 (0) 408 747 001 or +61 (0) 423 347 998

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