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      Travelling by jet or propeller, we’ve got a number of great scenic experience options available

      We offer a wide variety of aviation experiences ranging from a wild ride in an advanced jet trainer to relaxing in the DC-3, a historic airliner from the Golden Age of aviation. These experiences are desgined to re-live the age in aviation where how you travelled was just as important as where you were going. The jet trainer and ex-US Navy Harvard are available to experience the basic necessity of military aircraft. Please see Jet Packages and Harvard SNJ-5b for these exhilarating experiences.

      We have a number of corporate entertainment and event flight packages available. Our most popular entertainment is the Cocktail Party Flights around Melbourne on our famous DC-3.

      Our cocktail party flights are the ideal corporate entertainment event that has both character and style. The perfect choice for business groups wanting to do something different, we encourage a dress standard to suit the occasion, while we provide a beautiful aeroplane, delicious dinner and refreshing beverages.

      As well as cocktail party evenings, we have a selection of corporate entertainment flights from Melbourne utilising private jets and the larger DC-3 to exciting locations around Victoria such as the Brown Brothers winery, King Island, the Murray River and the 12 Apostles.

      Please contact Julie Willaims to discuss your corporate entertainment requirements and ideas.

      Additional DC-3 Experiences

      Jump Seat

      Experience the view from the cockpit of this classic airliner! Our DC-3 flights give you the special opportunity to ride in the Jump Seat with the pilots for either a take-off or landing. For just $50 you can treat yourself or a friend to an opportunity that won’t be forgotten.

      Pre-Flight Experience

      For all aviation enthusiasts out there, here’s your chance to be included in the procedures and briefings that are part of a professional aviation companies’ pre-flight preparations. You will accompany various members of the flight and ground crews as they carry out their respective duties, and attend the Captain’s operational and crew briefings. You will meet the Passenger Services Manager one hour and fifteen minutes before scheduled departure time, and he or she will assign a crew member to be your guide through the experience.

      Our guide will be with you at all times, and whilst you must be careful not to distract him or her from their tasks, they’ll do all they can to show you what’s involved, and answer your questions. You will be able to accompany the pilots on their aircraft pre-flight inspection, observe the preparations in the lounge for the passenger’s arrival, and the many tasks involved in ensuring that all safety procedures are followed.

      You’ll attend two briefings, one involving the flight crew, where the Captain discusses operational matters, flight procedures etc. and secondly the overall crew briefing, where all personnel involved meet to discuss the particular details of each flight with regard to safety issues, passenger obligations, and the loading/unloading procedures.

      The pre-flight proceedings must be completed by thirty minutes prior to the arrival of the first passengers, and necessarily must follow a disciplined schedule, so we need to make sure that you are here at the nominated time.

      This is a unique opportunity to see the inner workings of aviation, and Shortstop Jet Charter are delighted to be able to offer it to their customers. The cost is $175 per person, with a maximum of two places available per flight.

      The experience also incorporates a position in the Cockpit for either Take-Off or Landing.