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      On Demand Private Jet Charter

      Premium, luxurious jet charter services with the highest safety standards in Australia

      Your History with Us

      Are you looking for a family-owned jet charter company with over forty years of experience in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region? We’ve been delivering exceptional private jet services since the early eighties, ensuring a legacy of reliability and excellence.

      Your Safety

      Your safety is our top priority. We maintain a culture of conservatism and accountability by employing independent external safety management, regular external and independent auditing, and a highly trained workforce. Our adherence to the Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) ensures you fly with the highest safety standards, achieving the GOLD Audit Status—an accolade shared by only five other companies in Australia.

      Your Service Experience

      When you choose Shortstop Jet Charter, you’re guaranteed the best service possible. Our dedicated customer service manager oversees every aspect of your charter, from initial discussions and scheduling to catering and flight completion.

      Your Cost-Effective Travel

      Private jet hire can be comparable to premium airline fares if all seats are full, depending on the destination and timing. Experience the benefits of control, time-saving, and convenience that come with private jet travel.

      Your Flexible and Efficient Travel

      Enjoy the flexibility to set your schedule, route, and cabin service. Our premium location at Essendon Fields Airport, just twenty minutes from the CBD, offers you unparalleled convenience, with customs and border control officials ready for you upon arrival.

      Your Business Solutions

      Have a Roadshow coming up? We specialize in accommodating businesses with multiple travel locations in short timeframes. We fly you to various locations efficiently, ensuring your business operations run smoothly.

      How do I know I’ll be getting the best service possible with Shortstop Jet Charter?

      Each one of our valued clients has their own personal Account Manager who knows their needs and is always available to assist.

      Is Shortstop Jet Charter registered with any external, third-party auditing processes to enhance the safety of their aircraft?

      Shortstop Jet Charter puts the safety of our clients above all else. That’s why we voluntarily participate in an annual audit process under the BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard) accreditation, and this year we were awarded GOLD Audit Status.

      How does the cost of private jet hire compare to travelling with the major airlines?

      As an example, if you need to fly five board members to Brisbane on Business Class flights, the cost of hiring a private Learjet is often equivalent, only much more convenient!

      What are some of the benefits of choosing to fly with a private jet operator over a major one?

      Our customers tell us they really value the flexibility around timing that we offer. Our clients let us know when they choose to fly, rather than the other way around.

      We are also told that our customers appreciate the ability to skip all the pre and post-departure hold-ups that are usually encountered when travelling with the major airlines.

      I thought private jet hire was reserved for celebrities! Aren’t private charters a bit too fancy and extravagant for standard business operational needs?

      Absolutely not. By far the most important fact about our jets is that they’re fast! They’re tasteful and well maintained throughout the cabins of course, but they are designed to get you where you need to go in the most efficient way possible.

      My business has a Roadshow coming up and we need to get our people to multiple, specific travel locations in short timeframes. Can Shortstop Jet Charter accommodate this?

      We can. Some of the businesses we work with have two to three Roadshows a year, where we fly them to various locations for six days straight, and complete three or four stops each day.

      Your Aircraft Options

      Falcon 900c
      Falcon 900C
      Seating: 14
      Range: 3,400nm / 6,300km
      Description: Enjoy a luxuriously appointed stand-up cabin, dual passenger zones, lie-flat beds, a full galley, and dual lavatories.

      Cessna Citation CJ1
      Seating: 5
      Range: 1000nm
      Description: Perfect for shorter journeys, this economical jet offers low operating costs, making it a viable alternative to business class travel.

      DC-3 ‘Melbourne’s Gooney Bird’
      28 Seats
      Range: 400nm
      Description: Relive the golden age of aviation with our historic airliner, lovingly restored and operated for over thirty years.

      Our Clients

      • What a fantastic day trip to King Island. Julie, Mike and Craig made us feel so welcome and safe. The Gooney Bird was a brilliant ride. 👏 100% recommmend

        Juille Holland Avatar Juille Holland
        July 7, 2023

        Great experience with a great crew on the DC3 to King island. 10/10

        Daniel Seaman Avatar Daniel Seaman
        May 7, 2023

        Great day out

        Kerry Eldred Avatar Kerry Eldred
        May 7, 2021

        Excellent flight super friendly staff loved the experience

        Tracey Williams Avatar Tracey Williams
        May 7, 2021
      • Had a wonderful flight to King Island. Excellent service and your safety is taken seriously. The flight back to Essendon was even better as now we had some King Island cheese!

        Debbie Campbell Avatar Debbie Campbell
        May 7, 2020

        Very friendly staff and the Gooney Bird experience is awesom

        Jayden Boyde Avatar Jayden Boyde
        May 7, 2020

        We have done 2 flights in the magnificent DC3 , one around Melbourne of an evening & also did the King island trip with Mike Falls & his newly in command Lady captain . First class operation with very experienced crew & staff . The food at the King island restaurant was fabulous . Congratulations to all the staff ! .

        Brian Simpson Avatar Brian Simpson
        May 7, 2020

        We did the king island trip on the DC3 yesterday. It was great. Really good experience, and the lunch and King Island dairy was great too. A really professional operation, and the plane is an aviation enthusiast's dream. Definitely recommended for people who like old planes. The view you get flying around Melbourne is also awesome. It's quite a slow plane by today's standards, and flew at quite low altitude, so the scenery was really accessible. A+

        Scott Wallace Avatar Scott Wallace
        May 7, 2019
      • Absolutely loved our trip to King Island on their DC3. The service and communication provided from the time of booking through to the end of the trip was second to none. We had to reschedule our initial date due to bad weather which can't be helped but I always had all the information I needed.

        Meg B Avatar Meg B
        May 7, 2019

        We’ve had the pleasure of working with Short Stop Jet Charter on a number of occasions, utilising their space and their amazing DC3 Gooneybird for both corporate and wedding shoots. The results have been nothing short of spectacular (see attached photos by Euro Photography and Art By I). Short Stop are pleasant, accommodating and easy to work with, and we highly recommend using them for your next photo shoot or charter alike!

        Mustangs in Black Avatar Mustangs in Black
        May 7, 2019

        Went on a charter with these guys to Sydney. Awesome service, great employees and a high standard. Recommend!

        ENVIRO mag Avatar ENVIRO mag
        May 7, 2018

        Purchased a Gooney Bird dinner flight for my girlfriend and I. It's a great idea, and a beautiful aircraft. It is made to sound like a grand occasion on the website, however on the day the whole thing felt rushed and half hearted sadly. The lady who took our bookings, and posed as the head flight attendant was very unprofessional, especially when she loudly complained and swore about a passenger from the front galley, within earshot of most other passengers! Dinner was also underwhelming, some cold roast beef and a basic salad, unfortunately not up to all the hype at all.

        Cee Gee Avatar Cee Gee
        May 7, 2018
      • A most unprofessional company in my opinion. After banking thousands of dollars of our money for 4 months they cancelled our King Island trip at short notice because of staffing issues. The company director didn't even reply to my email.

        Phil T Avatar Phil T
        May 7, 2017

        Just photographed the C-47 Dakota (Gooney Bird) here. It's in wonderful condition.

        Mark Greenmantle Avatar Mark Greenmantle
        May 7, 2017

        Evening flight over Melbourne in December. Nostalgic Casablanca style. Great experience.

        Ash Plummer Avatar Ash Plummer
        May 7, 2014

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