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Understanding private airplane charter rates

The concept of flying on a private jet may sound far-fetched, but with many businesses turning their eyes to chartered skies, it’s increased the demand for chartered flight businesses leading to stabilised costs and an overhaul on people’s perception that private jets mean upper class.


That being said, private airplane charter rates vary greatly depending on size, speed and distance of your next flight and take into consideration the amount of crew personnel you’d like onboard. Thinking of booking? Here are some things to take into consideration:


Aircraft size: A smaller aircraft will always be cheaper than a large intercontinental jet. Although depending on the number of people you have travelling, a bigger plane could be more cost-effective (and comfortable).


Distance: If you’re planning to fly five or six members of your team to Sydney and back in a day, private airplane charter rates would be comparable to business class tickets. This doesn’t take into consideration the time you save and the productivity hours you gain while in the air. If, in your business, time is money, then it could be worth looking into charter versus commercial. You’ll have the flexibility of flight times whenever you want and could save yourself the added costs of overnight hotel rooms if commercial flight times don’t work within the day’s schedule.


Conversely, if your destination is a reasonable distance away, Shortstop Jet Charter will provide you with a quote for our larger, faster jets as well as from a smaller, slower twin engine. The latter option might be less expensive, but you’re forsaking comfort, speed and easy travel conditions. Private airplane charter rates for larger jets will save you hours as they fly higher and avoid most turbulent weather conditions.

Shortstop Jet Charter has been industry leaders for private jet rentals for over 30 years. Our varied selection of aircraft allows us to tailor flight solutions to your specific needs. To enquire about our private airplane charter rates, please contact our team today.


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