About the DC-3 Gooney Bird

The DC-3 first flew on December 17, 1935. Coincidentally, this was just 32 years to the day since Orville Wright flew the world’s first aeroplane for the very first time, from the sand dunes of Kill Devil Hill, in North Carolina.

On that historic day, Mr Wright remained airborne for twelve seconds, and covered a distance of one hundred and twenty feet, just twenty five feet more than the wingspan of this aeroplane.

And yet, in thirty-two short years, this machine had been developed, capable of carrying thirty people a thousand miles, at nearly two hundred miles an hour.

It was a breathtaking technical achievement, and the DC-3 quickly became the standard airline aircraft of the western world.

Our DC-3 was one of the last ones made, and rolled of the Douglas Aircraft Company’s Santa Monica production line in August 1945.

Our aircraft was delivered as a C-47 to the RAAF, and served faithfully, including in two wars, until it came to us in the late eighties.

As is common with military aircraft as opposed to civilian ones, they do very little flying. Our DC-3 is no exception, with the result that even now it’s only flown the equivalent of four years of normal airline service, so it’s a very young, old aeroplane.

It’s powered by two mighty Pratt and Whitney twin-row Wasp piston engines; each has fourteen cylinders, a capacity of 1830 cubic inches, and develops 1200 horsepower for takeoff.

Wedding Shoots

Our Beautiful DC-3 and the SNJ-5B Harvard are available for wedding shoot backdrops.

Thank you for choosing our aircraft and facility for your wedding photographs. We hope that your day is a success and the aircraft provides you with some terrific photographs.

To assist us and your photographer during the shoot please observe the following instructions.

  • Our standard price for a one hour Wedding Photo shoot is $795.00 including GST.
  • Price includes 6 Vic Passes required for escorted access to airside.
  • There is to be a maximum of 1 standard size car on the tarmac. Stretch Vehicles are unable to go onto the tarmac.
  • All drivers are to be briefed by SJC ground staff and the drivers to adhere to all instructions issued to them.
  • A maximum speed limit of 5km is to be observed at all times.
  • Positioning the car near any aircraft is to be done under the strict guidance of SJC ground staff.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted.
  • alcohol is NOT permitted.
  • Smoking is not permitted airside or on the premises.
  • Any unruly behaviour by any of the participants (in the judgment of SJC ground staff) shall result in the shoot being immediately terminated and all monies forfeited.
  • Wedding party only on tarmac unless otherwise authorized by SJC Ground Crew.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst every endeavour is made not to disappoint, flying operations take precedence over any booking for wedding photographs, therefore the availability of the aircraft can NOT be guaranteed.

We thank you for your co-operation and wish you a most successful and happy day.

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