Our extensive fleet of business aircraft allows for the greatest efficiency and flexibility, whilst maintaining the highest levels of reliability and customer privacy.

These services allow for corporate, government and private customers to travel when and where they choose. We offer several tailor made products including Charter Flights, 50 or 100 hour Loyalty programs and Custom Event Flying.

  • The benefits of corporate or private aviation aircraft are extensive when compared to the regular airline service. These benefits include.
  • Flexibility – Our passengers enjoy reduced flight/travel times, fewer delays and the ability to adjust schedules and flight arrangements at anytime.
  • Privacy – Business or Private clients enjoy the complete privacy of business aircraft allowing for productive meetings, work or rest without interruption.
  • Time – These aircraft save time in every facet related to modern day commuting.

Safety Considerations

There are some basic safety equipment available to aircraft that you should demand be fitted to any aircraft you use for a charter. To assist you in the consideration process, the following aircraft equipment is available, and we consider mandatory:

  • ~ Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) and Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS). It’s not mandated, however the fact that there has not been one CFIT (Controlled Flight into Terrain) accident worldwide with aircraft equipped with these systems speaks for itself. We have TAWS and GPWS installed in all threeof our charter aircraft.
  • ~ Traffic Collision Warning Systems (TCAS). A vital aid, giving our skilled pilots better situational awareness when operating into any airport, especially those that are in rural or remote areas. TCAS allows our pilots to see and avoid other traffic by a display in the cockpit.
  • ~ Pressurisation, anti-icing equipment and turbine engine reliability. Statistically, pressurised, turbine aircraft are far safer than light piston aircraft, and are required to be maintained to a much higher  standard.

The most important safety feature that we offer is having all of our flights crewed by two aircraft type-rated pilots. Both pilots are trained to work together to achieve the safest outcome for every flight.

The accident records show that aircraft crewed by two type-rated pilots operating in a multi-crew environment are statistically four times safer than an aircraft with only one pilot.

Safety Audits

Aside from the mandatory Civil Aviation Safety Authority audit every 12 months, Shortstop Jet Charter are independantly audited by private auditing organisations of behalf our clientele. This is in addition to the robust Company Audits conducted internally, which ensures that all flights are operated to the highest possible standard of Safety and Client Satisfaction.

Shortstop Jet Charter is excited to inform you that we have achieved a GOLD BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard) audit status. We are now one of only 29 companies in Australia, and one of five in our particular type of operation.

We decided to undertake and invest in this audit to improve and maintain our already high and positive operational and maintenance safety systems, procedures and culture.

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