The Gooney Bird

Gooney Bird charter flights in Melbourne.

The historic DC-3 “Gooney Bird” is a significant aircraft in RAAF history.

What is a Gooney Bird?

The Gooney Bird is a large, friendly seabird found on certain islands in the North Pacific Ocean, clumsy on the ground but beautiful and graceful in the air.

The C-47/DC-3 was thought by many WWII servicemen to share the same characteristics of these beautiful birds, and the aircraft came to be known as ‘The Gooney Bird’.

Ours was one of the last built, in August 1945, and was delivered brand new to the RAAF. It served our country faithfully as A65-98, up to the time it came to us in 1989.

Is it safe?

The DC-3 has been described as the most reliable aircraft ever built. Its a certified airline aircraft, and is required to meet much higher levels of construction, certification, maintenance and pilot training than those required for smaller machines.

When we received this aircraft from the Royal Australian Air Force in 1989, we found that it had only flown the equivalent of three years of Airline use, and was in mint condition.

We completely refitted it, using modern technology for sound-proofing, radios etc, then installed Airbus seats, a flight lounge, full vanity and toilet facilities, and an airline galley.

It seats 28 passengers. The two pilots and two flight attendants must meet the same standards as those required by our domestic and international Airlines.

Yes, it is safe.

Corporate & Group Bookings

The Gooney Bird is ideal for Special Flights, Corporate Functions and Group occasions. We will happily work with you to plan an something that's exactly right.

Some possibilities include day or weekend trips to local attractions such as King or Flinders Island, the Brown Brothers Winery at Wangaratta, and other similarly attractive destinations.

We can operate breakfast, lunch or dinner flights if appropriate, or just plain old fashioned joyflights around Melbourne and its environs.

Prices can be tailored as low as $115 per person on a group basis.

Our customers include many companies who utilise our services for specific sales or customer relations purposes, and they've found them very effective and unique.

Our delightful and historic ‘Silver Clipper V.I.P Lounge’ dates back to the thirties. It’s very comfortable for social occasions, and has full A/V facilities.

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